Qualified nursing personnel are in high demand in Germany due to a shortage of specialists and an increasingly aging population. This trend will continue in light of a rapidly expanding nursing sector.

We understand how important a sustainable personnel policy and personnel retention are to your company and offer you custom-made, long-term solutions.

Owing to new underlying legal conditions, it is now possible for us to occupy your vacancies of both male and female (m/f) RNs with outstandingly trained specialists from the Philippines. In addition, the nurses have on average over three years professional experience.

Our range of services are focused on serving established commercial hospital groups, individual hospitals as well as geriatric institutions and nursing homes.




According to your specific needs, we can offer you custom-made personnel solutions. Our personnel concepts are centered on quality and sustainability and include the recruiting of highly trained, professionally experienced (m/f) RNs with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (a four year course of study culminating in a state examination) as well as preparation for their assignment in Germany.



At our in-house language school in Manila, the candidates acquire the necessary language skills, Common European Framework (CEF), B2 level, for the validation process as well as regional and cultural studies underpinning the integration process.


We apply for and accompany the validation process in the Philippines and in Germany. Furthermore, we facilitate the successful integration in Germany by means of our sustainability concept.


At BERMA Personal Scheibert & Meißner GbR, we are specialized in the recruiting of (m/f) RNs from the Philippines specifically for assignment in Germany. Filipino RNs undergo rigorous vocational training with a four year course of study culminating in a state examination to qualify as Registered Nurses. Due to their high level of education, distinctive service culture, their ability for adaptation and highly developed soft skills, Filipino RNs are in high demand worldwide.

Regarding the recruitment of RNs from the Philippines, a study by the German Federal Ministry for Economics concluded that, "One-on-one interviews highlighted that no problems of integration have arisen. It was further emphasized that Filipino RNs learned to speak German rather quickly and readily adapted to their new professional tasks as well as the new circumstances in their private lives abroad.

They are recognized as an asset and and have contributed to relief in the shortage of trained professionals." (Source: Study conducted by the Federal Ministry of Economics, summary "An Opportunity in the Acquisition of Professionals in the Nursing Sector" p. 35)

We have a staff member directly in the Philippines and operate in conjunction with one of the major local placement agencies. Our extensive network with actors in the political, economic and academic fields enable us in the development of integrated and comprehensive personnel concepts.


Development of a Personnel Concept

At your side we evaluate together with you your short, middle, and long-term personnel RN staff requirements and draft a custom-made search profile based on your needs.

Submission of an Implementation Plan

The implementation plan drafted specifically to your needs will offer you sustainable personnel solutions within the scope of your stipulated financial and scheduling benchmark data.

Personnel Selection

We will present you with the resumes of appropriate applicants and arrange Skype interviews with your preferred candidates. Should you prefer, you will also be able to conduct the interviews locally in the Philippines.


The aspiring staff members learn German at our in-house language school in Manila. The language course is conducted in accordance with CEF standards and is completed when the B2 level exam has been taken and passed at the Goethe Institute. The course encompasses nursing specific terminology and the hiring of the aspirants is dependent on passing the exam.


Departure to Germany

Once the B1/B2 language levels have been achieved, we initiate and accompany the approval procedure in Germany together with visa applications and fulfill the requirements of the Philippine authorities. We also organize and supervise the departure to Germany as well as preparing the staff members for their future work location with emigration seminars.


We will support you with the transport of the new staff members to their future work places, the search for appropriate accommodation as well as with integration on site.


In order to underpin our standards of quality, we will grant you a guarantee for the placement of the specialists. Should one of the new staff members we place with you not live up to your requirements or give notice resulting in termination of the contract within the first year of employment, we will repeat the consulting assignment free of charge. The basis for this warranty claim will be stipulated in the individually drafted contract with your corporation.